Webinar „Navigating Ethical Dilemmas“ (video)

Professional life – either in government or in a corporation – tests the ethical fiber of a person often. In both the settings, a professional is a prime instrument available with the organization to deliver. And, if a professional fails to unclutter the ethical dilemmas and make the right choices, the consequences can be far-reaching.

In this conversation with the author and two eminent commentators, we will help you seek clarity on the following questions: 

  • What constitutes ethical conduct?
  • What are dilemmas and paradoxes inherent in the politico-bureaucratic ecosystem called government?
  • What are temptations to deviate from ethical conduct and the challenges in pursuing such a course?
  • Why ethical conduct is critical to success and happiness?
  • Why short-termism can be disastrous in the long-term?
  • How can a professional fit an ethical GPS to navigate day-to-day dilemmas?

If you pose a question to the panel, you can either write it in the chat-box during the session or drop an email beforehand at dean.business@vijaybhoomi.edu.in


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